Candlewood Lake Authority Zebra Mussel Monitoring

2020-2021 Winter Drawdown


In 2020 Zebra Mussels were discovered in Candlewood Lake for the first time. The CLA has expanded its existing monitoring program which includes divers, shoreline searches, water testing, and monitoring stations. To this end we will be conducting searches along the shoreline in critical areas. If you’ve examined your waterfront/docks/shoreline you may contribute your findings in the form below. The more information we can gather the better.


Check this map to see what areas have been searched already. Searched areas where mussels have not been found are marked in green, areas where they have been found are marked in red.


Use this form to report your observations, even if you don’t find any zebra mussels. You can do it right on your phone, or take notes in the field and enter them on this form later. Your GPS coordinates can be found by simply clicking or tapping your location on a Google Map, or by using any of a number of GPS apps available for your phone.


Form To Submit Your Search


Map of Searched Areas

***If you ever find any zebra mussels please email photos, location and contact information to***