Visiting Candlewood Lake

Candlewood Lake is the largest lake in Connecticut and also the most popular lake for recreation in the State. When people travel and bring their boats which have been on other waters, they run the risk of transporting invasive species from that lake to Candlewood Lake, which can result in great damage to our lake.


The Candlewood Lake Authority and area citizens are dedicated to preventing the introduciton of all invasive species to Candlewood, especially invasive zebra mussels.  Zebra mussels are most commonly transported through visiting boats.  If you are bringing a boat that has been in other waters, it is critical that you take the proper precautions.  

Some nearby waters that contain zebra mussels are Lakes Zoar and Lillinonah, Lake Housatonic, the Hudson River, Lake George and Lake Champlain.


NOTE:  It is against CT Law to knowingly infect a body of water with zebra mussels.  Also, Candlewood Lake has Eurasian watermilfoil, an invasive aquatic plant.  Even a small fragment of that plant, transported on a boat or trailer to another lake, can infect that lake.  When leaving Candlewood Lake, by law you  must remove all aquatic plants on your boat or trailer, or be subject to a fine.

Take a look at the lake and gather some important information before visiting.  LEARN MORE!


Candlewood Lake attracts many boaters from many areas. It's important that you know and follow the rules for Candlewood Lake BEFORE arriving here. LEARN MORE!

Parks & Launches

Candlewood Lake has several options for launching boats.  LEARN MORE!


Candlewood Lake offers great fishing opportunities. It's one of the top smallmouth bass fishing lakes in the USA, as well as a great lake to fish for trout and numerous other species. LEARN MORE!

Water Sports

Skiing, tubing, name it, it's done on Candlewood Lake! Our lake is a very popular spot to fine tune your water sports skills and maybe even impress your friends. LEARN MORE!


Camping is PROHIBITED on Candlewood Lake and enforced. You are not allowed to camp or build fires on the islands or wooded areas of the Lake. LEARN MORE!

Paddle Sports

Looking to see Candlewood Lake at a slower pace, and get some exercise at the same time? Pick your favorite paddle sport - kayaking, canoeing, stand up paddleboarding...whatever...and explore the wonders of Candlewood Lake! LEARN MORE!


There are numerous hiking opportunities around Candlewood Lake, as well as nearby which we hope you take advantage of while here. LEARN MORE!


Diver down! Being man made, Candlewood Lake is a popular dive spot due to the many artifacts beneath its waters. LEARN MORE!

Lake History

Candlewood Lake is a man made lake that was completed in 1928, but the history here goes back much further than that.  LEARN MORE!

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