Protecting Candlewood Lake

The Candlewood Lake Authority has been monitoring the water in the lake since 1982, monthly, from May through October.


Not only do we take samples from specific sites around the lake, but we also test on site for various indicators, such as dissolved oxygen, temperature, conductivity etc.


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Shoreline Management

The immediate shoreline around the lake provides a critical protection component to the water quality.  When an immediate shoreline has deep rooted vegetation around it, and especially a mixture of both low growing ground cover, mid height bushes and tall trees, the water quality benefits.


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Eurasian Watermilfoil has been a problem for Candlewood Lake since the 1970's.  Traditionally, the primary control method on Candlewood had been biennial deep draw downs.  Over time, those became less effective, for reasons that may vary. 


In 2015 the CLA began a sterile grass carp stocking program to help control this invasive aquatic plant.


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Candlewood Lake is under direct threat of new invasive species entering our waters and establishing themselves all the time.


The biggest threat now is zebra mussels, which have infected many lakes nationwide, and inhabit the waters of the Housatonic River, including Lakes Lillinonah and Zoar right at our doorstep.


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Algae can be found in lakes across the country, including Candlewood Lake, and algae found in Candlewood may include blue-green algae.


Under certain conditions, blue-green algae can become concentrated or near the surface, producing what is commonly known as an algae bloom.


Learn to identify the difference between common and harmless filamentous green algae, and the potential risks associated with blue-green algae blooms.


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The CLA has developed many valuable partnerships over the years, none more imporant than our research partners. 


Scientific research on Candlewood Lake is critical to understanding our issues and developing potential solutions, but the CLA can't do it alone.


That's where our partners come in.


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Candlewood Lake Clean Up

The John Marsicano Memoral Candlewood Lake Clean Up started back in 1999, as a way to help bring the community together to clean the shoreline of Candlewood Lake.


Since that time, each spring Clean Up hundreds of volunteers join in to stuff a huge dumpster (or two!) with trash and then gather for a huge noon cookout to celebrate a job well done.


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Land Preservation

Candlewood Lake is no doubt home to many people.  This lake has over 1,500 waterfront residences, and countless others in lake communities surrounding the lake.  As such, undeveloped land is at a premium - and necessary to prevent further degredation to water quality.


The CLA is dedicated to all effortsto preserving the undeveloped land remaining around Candlewood Lake.


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Watershed Protection

The watershed of Candlewood Lake is the area that all water that enters Candlewood drains from.  That means in many areas it goes far beyond the immediate shoreline - in fact many miles beyond in towns like New Fairfield and Sherman.


So why is a healthy, clean watershed important to the water quality here?


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Stormwater Management

Rain events produce runoff...and strong rain events can produce runoff of great proportions.


That runoff carries contaminants and pollution...and if it's within the Candlewood Lake watershed, it will likely end up in Candlewood Lake.


How can we keep stormwater entering Candlewood Lake cleaner?


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