Candlewood Lake Authority Marine Patrol

             A Professional Marine Patrol To Help Keep You Safe


The Candlewood Lake Authority Marine Patrol operates under the supervision of the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (CT DEEP) EnCon Police.

The Patrol Officers of the Candlewood Lake Authority Marine Patrol consist of both current and former area Police Officers as well as trained professionals serving as Patrol Officers.  All of the CLA's Marine Patrol Officers are trained by the CT DEEP EnCon Police.


Public safety is the ultimate function of the CLA Marine Patrol.  What it all boils down to is ensuring that the people who come out to enjoy Candlewood Lake can do so safely and it all starts with prevention through education and safety inspections.

 enjoy their time on Candlewood.  Please help ensure everyone can have a fun, and safe, experience on the Lake by boating responsibly.



Candlewood Lake is a very popular lake and on a nice summer weekend, boat traffic can be very heavy.  Space on this uniquely shaped lake is limited.  There are numerous opportunites for user conflict and even accidents on the water and the CLA Marine Patrol, in conjunction with the CT DEEP Patrol, operates on our waters to prevent such occurrences.


Boating Under the Influence
Boating Under the Influence (BUI) is a very serious issue on any lake.  Boating while intoxicated is no less serious than driving a car while intoxicated.  Nobody heads out to the water not expecting to return home, but unfortunately when people take that risk, they are not only risking their lives but they are risking the lives of other innocent boaters on the Lake.  The CLA Marine Patrol and the CT DEEP EnCon Police enforce BUI on Candlewood Lake.  We want everyone to enjoy their time on Candlewood Lake.  Please help ensure everyone can have a fun, and safe, experience on Candlewood Lake by boating responsibly.

Emergency Assistance
Collisions between vessels, drownings and sunken vessels, among other emergency situations, are an unfortunate possibility on any lake.  

Fortunately, Candlewood Lake is patrolled by the CLA Marine Patrol and the CT DEEP EnCon Police and help is only a phone call away.  

If you have an emergency on the water, please call the  CT DEEP Dispatch 24 Hour Emergency Number listed at the top.  From there they will dispatch CLA or DEEP Patrol to assist you.

Debris Removal
If you're out on Candlewood Lake enough you will from time to time find debris of various sizes floating on the water.

The CLA Marine Patrol is committed to the safety of the public recreating on Candlewood Lake.  If the Patrol finds objects floating in the Lake and they pose a navigational or recreational hazard, they will remove them themselves, or call in the resources that can, to make that area safe for the boating public.   

If you are boating on Candlewood and spot debris that poses a safety threat, please call the 24 hour emergency disptach number at the top.

Jet Ski Patrol
The CLA Marine Patrol is fortunate to have two jet skis which operate on the water in addition to the Patrol boats.

These jet skis allow our officers much better interaction with the users of Candlewood Lake.  They are able to get up close to talk to boaters and also residents on shore.

If you see our jet ski patrol out on the water (and you may not, they blend in well and are less conspicous than our patrol boats!), be sure and say hello.

Safe Boating on Candlewood Lake


If you're planning to head out on Candlewood Lake, there are a few things you should know first.


Speed Limit:  Candlewood Lake has a daytime speed limit of 45mph (1/2 hour before sunrise to 1/2 hour after sunset) and a nighttime speedlimit of 25mph, which is enforced by radar by the CLA Marine Patrol.


Hazards:  The CLA makes an effort to mark many of the underwater hazards that are located more than 100 feet from shore in popular boating areas with marker buoys - however - not all hazards are marked and hazard buoys can be moved out of position by high waters and boaters.  These buoys are meerly an aid and should not replace caution, common sense, a good bathymetric map and a depthfinder.


Vesel Inspections:  It is the responsibility of the boater to ensure you are complying with all CT boating reguations when on the Lake.  Boats may be subjected to safety inspections by CLA Marine Patrol or CT DEEP EnCon Police while entering or on the water. 


This is not a complete list.  For more information and if you are unfamiliar with the regulations for your vessel, please visit the CT DEEP Boating Division and review the current boater's guide.