Candlewood Lake Info & Stats

Length:  Approx. 11 miles

Width:  Approx. 2 miles (maximum)

Shoreline:  Approx. 65 miles

Lake:  5,420 acres

Watershed:  25,860 acres

Maximum Depth:  Approx. 85 ft. (New Milford)

Average Depth:  29.3 ft.

Waterfront Residences:  Approx. 1,600

Resident Vessels:  Approx. 6,000

Water Sources:  Housatonic River, Sawmill Brook, Ball Pond Brook, other small brooks and springs

Shoreline Municipalities:  Towns of Brookfield, New Fairfield, New Milford, Sherman and the City of Danbury


Lake Level 24 Hour Phone Line: 888-41-RIVER (74837)


Boating Emergency 24 Hour Number (CT DEEP Dispatch): 860-424-3333