Independence Day Celebration Fireworks Show in Danbury Bay

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Each year, typically the Saturday before the 4th of July, the Danbury Volunteer Fire Department organizes the fireworks display in Danbury Bay.


The fireworks are professionally produced and are launched from just behind City Island in the Bay.  Great viewing can be had from land at the Danbury Town Park or via boat.


In 2017 there will be a free shuttle running from in front of Carvel in the North Street Shopping Plaza, to the fireworks.  It runs from 6pm to 11pm in a continuous loop.


If you are viewing the event from the water, please be prepared.

  1. CLA Marine Patrol and CT Department of Energy and Environmental Protection's EnCon Police will have a significant presence on the water, please follow their directions for everyone's safety.

  2. All boats will be required to remain north of City Island and on the western half of the Lake.  Marine Patrol and EnCon Police will direct boaters to the proper locations.

  3. All boats MUST demonstrate they have the proper safety equipment on board...notably sufficient and proper Personal Flotation Devices (life vests) for each person on board and working navigation and anchor lights for your vessel.  Safety checkpoints will be set up for all boats entering the Bay.  Having your lights on and having each person hold their PFD up (or wearing it if required by law) will help keep things moving smoothly.

  4. The area beyond the checkpoints is a temporary NO WAKE ZONE. 

  5. When leaving at the end of the show, exit at a NO WAKE SPEED, utilizing the eastern half of the Lake.


As always, boating emergencies should be called in to the 24 Hour Emergency Disptatch 860-424-3333.


Your cooperation will help ensure a safe, enjoyable experience for all in attendance.