A $100 adoption fee allows you to adopt and name a sterile grass carp with a

radio transmitter to see where it travels on Candlewood!

As a follow up to our stocking of nearly 4,000 sterile grass carp into the Lake in June of 2015 to help control the invasive eurasian watermiloil which grows in our waters, the Candlewood Lake Authority has now stocked an additional 48 milfoil-eating grass carp, fitted with radio transmitters, into Candlewood Lake!

In a first-of-its-kind study in Connecticut, we will begin tracking their movements to help us better understand the eating patterns of these fish, which will help us to more effectively stock carp in the Lake in the coming years.

This is YOUR opportunity to support the CLA and a great program, which stands to benefit all users and residents of Candlewood Lake.

How does it work?  Simple!  You click on the button above to adopt one of the radio transmitter-equipped grass carp, and select a donation amount.  Your donation will be assigned to a carp with specific ID - and as we track the movements of your carp, you will be provided with an update on your carp’s movements in Candlewood Lake.

Don’t forget to name your carp so we can have your carp named our tracking study!


Carp Parent / Carp Name & Map Link


Cathy Setterlin / Carpy

Patti & Scott Wakeling / Maverick

Allan Brooks / Eliza

Marianne Gaffey / Guiness

Josh DeWind / Jingles

David Lutterbach / Isabel

Phyllis Schaer / Sherman

David Wieder / Weedeater

Scott and Deb Randall / Carp-ediem

Tobi Press / Che-Ne-Wah

Town of Sherman / Sherm

Ryder Press / Balfour

Dana Zohar / Carpe Diem

Karen Kelly / Blaine

Nate Press / Baco

Mark Proper / Mark

Jeff Berman / Sunrise Skiers

Sue Slater / Lesue

Karen Trovato / Chuck

Bill Farrell / Millie

KES Educational Services / Willie & Nellie

Jason Keane / Lison

Carolyn Rowan / Neptune

Mangia Mangia / Mangia Mangia

Cynthia Stevens / Ball Pond Lady

Alex Wirth / Alan

Jim and Jane McAlister / Chaz McCarp


Thank You For Adopting!

Student researchers Emily Van Vlack and Luke Mueller were out tracking the carp in 2017 - check out their carp tracking blogs below!

IMG_8342 - crop.jpg
IMG_1059 - Crop.jpg