The Members of the Candlewood Lake Authority

- Mission Statement -
The Candlewood Lake Authority provides lake, shoreline and watershed management to foster the preservation and enhancement of recreational, economic, scenic, public safety and environmental values of the Lake for the City of Danbury and the Towns of Brookfield, New Fairfield, New Milford and Sherman in cooperation with the State of Connecticut and Northeast Utilities.




The Candlewood Lake Authority consists of year-round office staff, seasonal Marine Patrol officers and three delegates per municipality who serve on our board.


Staff:  The CLA's staff largely consists of an Executive Director, Director of Ecology and Environmental Education, Director of Operations and Administrative Coordinator. 


Marine Patrol Staff:  The CLA Marine Patrol has a Patrol Chief and over 20 seasonal, part-time officers who work during the boating season.


Delegates:  The CLA has 15 delegates who serve on their board.  Each of the five municipalities that surrounds the Lake appoints three delegates from their town to serve on the board of the CLA.


Candlewood Lake Authority Delegates

Brookfield:  Marianne Gaffey (Chairman), Bill Lohan (Treasurer), Will Meikle

Danbury:  Chris Robinson, Dan Rosemark, Ed Siergiej

New Fairfield:  Joan Archer (Vice Chairman), Bill Licht, Jeff Main

New Milford:  Steve Kluge, Mark Toussaint, Joe Wodarski

Sherman:  Doug Cushnie, Phyllis Schaer, Martin O'Connor (Secretary)